Hey there to my fellow Mum…I want to help you start enjoying

your kids again and the years you have them!

  • Do you have a terrible sense of things quietly slipping out of control in your home, your life and your relationships?
  • Are you struggling to keep up with it all, the activities, the expense and always feel like there’s never enough time to get through the endless to-do list?
  • Are you trying to parent a teenager who is stuck on their screen all the time, not helping out or barely communicating when you talk to them?

Wasn’t it meant to get easier as the kids got older?

So why are you still doing everything while they are so busy and too tired to help?

I’m Wendy, and while raising my kids, I work with overwhelmed women to restore balance, calm and contentment in their households by decluttering all the unnecessary things.

The solution can start and end with you and I want to help you make the most of the precious time and energy you have with your kids.

This should be very good news to you because it means you can make massive changes in your household just by changing how YOU do things.


If you’re ready for a shift in your life, then my Motherhood Mentoring package is the perfect place to start.

I know it can feel uncomfortable investing time and money on yourself – I used to believe the same thing! Until I realised that without my own health and happiness being in good shape, our family would fall apart. Literally.


I’ll meet you right where you’re at, hear your story, and from there we decide where to start making the most impactful changes.

Most mums need help with Time Saving, Energy Boosting and Communication. I help women streamline their lives, find space to breathe and most importantly connect again with their teenagers.

1:1 Mentoring - What's Included?

3 x 1-hour online coaching sessions for us to connect and converse.

It happens from the comfort of your home at a mutually agreeable time.


This offer is for 3 x 1-hour private video sessions for $199

and yes I’ll send you the recordings so you don’t have to keep notes!

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