How I Stopped Wasting Time Every Morning On My Phone

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I was SO sick of waking up, reaching for my phone and wasting the first half hour of my day.  I needed to quit the morning phone scroll, it was a terrible start and a total waste of my time, but it was a habit, a bad habit. 

The reasons I kept it close at night was that I read it before I went to sleep, I needed it near me in case of an emergency, and I used my phone for an alarm.

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Good reasons, but the benefits did not outweigh my dislike of waking and losing track of time scrolling. 

It’s ironic that I had it there to help me get up but it was delaying me instead! 

I had to work out what to do to gain some control over this device sucking my precious time and energy into a vortex.


I worked out that I spent 30 mins on average each morning, sometimes more, looking at Facebook, Instagram or checking my emails.  It was pretty harmless, but it added up. 

4 hours a week in fact, which isn’t much, but in total it’s over 200 hours a year! 

Surely I could think of better things to do with my time? 

Pray or think, go for a walk, journal.  Instead, I’m on my phone reading emails, checking Facebook, …watching OTHER PEOPLE go for a walk or tell me what their journalling about.


I had to find an alternative for each reason I had my phone beside my bed. 


I decided to use an e-reader instead.  Much easier on my eyes and no internet distractions. They are approximately $100 and are worth every penny!


In my case my husband wakes at the same time as me, he has to be at work earlier so gets up right away, but I don’t, (that’s when the scroll begins) Now, he is my alarm, when he is up, that’s my wake up time. 


Even if my phone is in the next room at night I can still hear it if it rings.  I plug it in to charge in my office at night and that’s where it stays.  It’s the safest option for me to have it completely away and not distracting me.


When we wake first thing, sometimes we like to ease into the day,  so I replaced scrolling with reading. 

Reading was what I was doing on my phone mostly.

When I realised what I needed to replace my phone with was a book, I was thrilled.  I could do that! Reading a book was me taking in information, just like the phone scrolling, but more measured.  In a less frantic way.  One book, one subject, one ‘thread’ that didn’t change or pull me in a different direction.  Just a gentle read on a topic that I knew I wanted to learn about.  

Reading a chapter of a book can be done in 30 minutes, maybe 2-3 chapters depending on the book.  Imagine how many books I could read with 200 hours? Most books take anywhere from 5-10 hours to read.  

200 hours a year was equal to 20 books a year!

So I got myself sorted,  

  • I chose a book and got it ready on my kindle,
  • Put the kindle charger near my bed
  • Removed the phone charger from beside my bed & put the phone in the office to charge at night. 

And I would still hear my phone if there was an emergency call.   


Now, when I wake first thing in the morning, my phone isn’t even there to bother me in all my sleepiness.  Having the phone in the other room has changed the first hours of my morning.  Sometimes I have a shower, get ready, and chat with the family before I have even looked at my phone!  I’m living my own beautiful life AND I’ve got time to read books!

Do you want to quit your morning phone scroll habit?

Are you checking in with real live people or just scrolling?  

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