How To Reduce Half Of Your Kitchen Appliances

We buy them because they’re gonna make life simpler, a bread maker, blender or toaster.  Yet when our kitchen cupboards are stacked full and we can’t find things it isn’t simple at all!  I’m here to say this problem isn’t necessary and you can fix it. Here’s how to reduce your kitchen appliances, and no, I am NOT going to tell you to go back to kneading your own bread every week.

Bottom line, you want less stuff in your cupboards so you can find what you’re looking for, to feel more organised. I don’t need to go into a spiel about why households have so many appliances and what the motivation is to buy them all in the first place. 

We like nice things, new things, simpler tools, its’ human nature. 

On top of that advertisers are constantly pinning sales and marketing in our faces that are hard to ignore.

But you don’t have to stay locked in the appliance/storage war, its an easy road out. 

Because honestly, you probably don’t need or use half of the appliances you own. 

You just the need the ones that you use, so you will have to decide with each tool, and this will take some thought, but not much, I promise.

There are multiple issues people sometimes have with reducing their belongings like appliances, these are the main 2 that come up. 


Taking away items that are either rarely or never used is not waste, it is reasonable maintenance, wise ownership and decluttering at its finest.

‘One mans junk is another man’s treasure’ is a truth. 

If you are not using it, why would you keep it? Give it to Goodwill for someone else to buy for a bargain and use regularly. This is the ultimate in recycling and reusing.


I understand if it belonged to your grandmother or someone special that you might not want to give it away.  I have had this issue and thankfully used the appliance until it completely deteriorated and it was no good for anyone. 

Sentimental items are treasures which are different from just an appliance.

Keep what you love.  If it has meaning for you, that is enough of a reason.  But again, if you have 6 appliances with the same sentiment, maybe you could trim it down to 2 of the most precious and useful ones?


Pick up an appliance, e.g your blender (or one of them depending on how many you own), with each item, ask yourself these two questions

  1. Do I use this regularly i.e. every month, weekly, daily? This is about using it on a routine basis.  Monthly baking counts if that’s what you use it for REGULARLY. If you bake all day once a month and would feel lost to see your blender go, then its a keeper.  If you are only using it very rarely, or can’t remember when it was last used, it may very well need to go.

  2. Is what you use it for something that you need for health or a beloved hobby? If you need this item to make something for health reasons that only this tool can make, regardless of how often you use it, it needs to stay. Tools and appliances that you truly enjoy using whenever you have the opportunity but it’s not as often as you would like, these could stay.

That’s it. That’s how it’s done.

The criteria for whether something stays or goes is pretty simple.  Once you have put your well used, beloved tools and appliances back into their spot in the cupboard I bet you will be down to half what you had before.


The last step is to box up your items and take them out of the house as soon as you can.

If you want to leave things sitting there for 24 hours to make double sure you are committed to letting them go that can be a good idea. 

But please don’t just leave them in the boot of your car for weeks, you will end up with it all back in the house. Whenever possible take them to the 2nd hand store ASAP.

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