Why I Love My Quick And Easy Household Morning Routine

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I have a quick and easy morning routine that keeps me super organised within my home.  I take 30 mins each morning and make sure the essentials are done.

Your system will be different from how many dependents you have.  For example, if you have little ones under 2 years old, your mornings are not always consistently the same.  There are even more unknowns when you have babies and so what you plan to do isn’t always what can be done.

That being said, review for yourself what I do, because I hope it will help someone in some way. 

It’s for mums, (or dads), that are trying to create some order each morning so they can get on with the rest of their day and not have chores waiting for them in the late afternoon or evening.

I have developed a routine for myself that I do each weekday morning, it’s not to a set time, but rather what I do next after I have had a shower, got dressed, made my bed, etc.  Whenever these things happen my morning routine is what happens next. 

I first heard this theory first from ‘The Fly Lady’, on a podcast interview.  I don’t know a huge amount of what she teaches but she is an organisation guru, and she talked about doing things first thing and getting them done early.  A little like the book ‘Eat That Frog’, by Brian Tracy. I adopted her label for it and called it ‘Bless My Home’. 

So in my diary, I write BMH and I allocate 30 mins to it. In this time I do the things that are going to give me the best advantage OR what gives me the most pain when it’s not done.


What I do first, sort the washing in the baskets and put a load on to wash. I do have another day or two that I might do extra for bed sheets etc, but in general, I can keep on top of the washing with 1-2 loads a day.  


The counter where everyone prepares and eats their food is large, which means when all is done and everyone has finished I choose to make sure it is all cleaned up. I try to make everybody responsible for cleaning up their own mess, this doesn’t always happen because they just don’t care as much as I do.  They care about me, and they want to help if they can, but in actual fact, they are kids still and they can only concentrate on one thing at a time.  If their biggest focus in the morning is getting to school on time and they leave something out, I can help them out with that.

My aim is for the kitchen to be a tidy space for afternoon/evening.  This makes such a huge difference in how I approach the evening kitchen jobs in the late afternoon/dinner meal. Yeah, I make a few dishes during the day but that’s not a big job to keep tidy.


The next thing I do is to prepare dinner.  When the kids where smaller this is when I would peel and chop vegetables, chop or marinate meat for the evening meal.  Anything that could get done in advance was done then.  Kids are generally fresher and more compliant to occupy themselves in the morning than in the evening when they are tired and hungry.

My kids are pre-teen/early teens and I don’t have to be so super organised.  Although I do put slow cooker meals on at this time,  I mostly use it now to double check I have what we need for dinner, ingredients, recipe, how long it will take etc.  Making sure I have meat out defrosting and make a note if I need to get something before dinner and when I might get that throughout the day.  I can also jot down other items that we might be needed before I go shopping next.


To make sure the jobs are complete, I hang a load of laundry on the line when it’s finished (we hang our washing on the line in New Zealand in good weather) and I put another load on to wash.  


So in the space of this 30 minutes I have done a load of washing, cleaned my kitchen space for whenever I need to use it again and decided and organised our dinner.

These are the main areas in my home that when I deal with them early I am a step ahead of the game.  It saves me so much hassle at the tired end of the day.  When everyone’s getting home from school, sports, we all want food, people are busy with homework or heading out to clubs etc.

If you want to check out my evening routine, you can here!  A lot of the morning starts the night before.  This is especially true if you have little ones.

In general, it’s best practice to be thinking or planning ahead to make the best of what’s next.

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