A Relaxed Weekend Away With the Family

It’s not always easy to get the timing right to be able to go away when there is always activity going on, so when an opportunity comes up for a trip, even if it’s just a few days, we grab it.

Our destination was a small township on Lake Taupo about 2-3 hours from our home. We planned to do some kayaking, bush walks and most of all enjoy the area and time away.

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We had never been there before, well, James my husband had visited there and he was the one that booked the accommodation.

We had a to juggle a few things and some of the family missed out on one or two activities but we think it was well worth the sacrifice.

It’s Autumn (Fall) and the weather here in New Zealand is getting a lot colder now, not quite snow on the hills but the water is chilly and the wind is cold.

We make the best of it regardless because the sun came out and made us feel like it was summer time for one last weekend. Plus, the scenery was stunning we had to go out and be in it!

Time away together is so valuable. What I mean by that is, the time you spend together away from the usual habits of home are so precious you couldn’t put a price tag on them.

Conversations at night, out walking, cooking meals. New experiences, interacting with one another in situations we’re not used to.

Some people surprise you by what they are willing to do, kids learn new skills we learn new ways of letting go to allow our kid’s room to grow.

We learn so much about each other and ourselves that you don’t get staying home.

Heres a snippet of our weekend and what we got up to, enjoy.