Hey there!

I’m Wendy, like most women I’m trying to navigate the curves and bends of life gracefully like a while taking care of a growing family. It’s not always easy!

Here I share all my resources and encouragement to will inspire you and help turn any frustration you might have from raising your young people into a parenting experience you will enjoy.

I’m married to James and we have three children 13, 15, and 26 and a beautiful daughter in law. My years of motherhood have taught me there is a lot about raising kids that is plain old common sense. 

I try very hard not to sweat the small stuff, but it’s easier said than done, I know!

When your kids hit those teen years the wheels can begin to fall off. Just when you thought they could be moving into maturity, and they are in a lot of ways, they are not quite there yet. 

They use to do what you asked most of the time, now they argue! They use to help out, now they are too lazy busy on their phones.

You have begun to feel unsure when being faced with a strong-willed teenager who wants something. Your parenting confidence can begin to dissolve.

We don’t have to let chaos rule and upset the family so much. I want these years with your teenagers to be your BEST. In your family home, your lifestyle and your relationships.

Believe me, you can have helpful kids, you can enjoy your life as a parent raising teenagers, and you can most definitely have a fantastic relationship with them right throughout these crazy years and beyond.